Minimum quantity lubrication has been proven to improve tool life, surfaces finishes and lubrication costs over a period of many years.

Whenever possible, we produce our lubricants from Canadian base stocks, of the highest quality available.  The Canadian dollar makes our products very competitive compared to lubricants formulated in the USA.


The advantage of natural source base stocks

Naturally derived base fluids are polar, i.e they are comprised of hydroxyl molecules which have a positive and negative geometry. The polar fluids are strongly attracted to metals, especially ferrous metals. They also bind tightly to each other, creating a tenacious lubricating film. In addition, the polar molecules wet out the machining surfaces, providing an unbroken film of protection. Bottom line - better finishes and extended tool life.


We select additives that impact the

environment as little as possible.

In the case of lubricants that are

directly exposed to the environment,

we have selected extreme pressure and

anti-wear additives that conform to Eco-Label criteria.


There are a number of criteria to consider when selecting a metalworking fluid.

Viscosity - higher speeds, such as in minimum quantity (near dry) lubrication require lower viscosity fluids. Slower, more heat intensive operations benefit from increased viscosity and higher concentrations of EP additives.


Metals that tend to build up on the tool, such as some grades of stainless steel, require more boundary additives that activate at lower temperatures. Very hard alloys require elevated levels of extreme pressure additives. Chlorinated paraffins were once the additive of choice under these circumstances, but have now largely been replaced by specialized sulfurized additives, due to environmental concerns.


Minimum quantity lubricants are applied in extremely minute quantities, and in many cases, cleaning is not required. Also, the chips that are generated are virtually dry, and have greater value than chips that are soaked in coolant.

Chip formation

Additive selection can affect chip formation. EP additives such as sulfur can improve chip formation, which can positively impact productivity.


Minimum Quantity High Performance Lubricants

    Value and Performance in the right balance

Established 1998


Proper application equipment is essential for minimum quantity lubrication. Unist, Inc. of Grand Rapids Michigan has been manufacturing precision lubricant applicators for a variety of metalworking applications and machinery for over 50 years. Click here to visit their site,  

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EP and anti-wear additives

Based on the machinability ratings of the materials being processed, a variety of lubricity, EP and anti-wear additives are selected. Heat generation is the primary criteria to be considered when selecting additives.