Heat is the most destructive force in percussive drills

We use high temperature polar esters to handle temperatures found in percussive drills

Kinetic energy developed in percussive drills creates temperatures in excess of 590F (310C) in areas around the piston. Conventional rock drill oils begin to break down and form carbon at temperatures in excess of 390F. (199C). Liquid Shield polar esters are tolerant of heat up to 600F (315C). Evidence of heat buildup in percussive drills is demonstrated by carbon on parts, galling and scoring of steel components. Service life is reduced by uncontrolled heat buildup. Polar lubricants are negatively charged particles that adhere to steel, which is positively charged, like a magnet. This causes the rock drill oil to adhere tenaciously to tool parts, ensuring reliable, consistent protection against wear. It also reduces oil's tendency to atomize in compressed air.

Reduces oil fog

Liquid Shield rock drill oils cling to tool steel minimizing the amount of oil that is atomized into compressed air. As conventional RDOs heat up, they lose viscosity and atomize more easily.

Runs cleaner

Our polar rock drill oils produce a cleaner working environment as most oil stays on the tool rather than in the air. Carbon formation is greatly reduced and black face and hands are minimized.

Reduces stress on lungs

Liquid Shield protects workers lungs by minimizing the amount of oil that is exhausted into the work area. Also, particles tends to be much larger, and drop out of the exhaust air fairly rapidly.

Reduces slips caused by fog

Oil fog settles everywhere, creating slippery surfaces. Liquid Shield rock drill oils minimize the quantity of oil that becomes airborne. most oil adheres to the leg.

Polar Benefits

Polar Adhesion

Liquid Shield rock drill oils strongly adhere to all surfaces of the tool providing consistent wear protection. They remain on the parts for prolonged times, ensuring that tools are adequately lubricated on startup.

     Water / Ice Rejection

Liquid Shield rock drill oils create a slippery film on metal parts that water and ice cannot adhere to, but are simply blown out of the exhaust of the tool. Tool freeze up is a costly and time wasting problem that is eliminated by Liquid Shield polar rock drill oils.

Wear Reduction

Polar fluids adhere tenaciously to steel surfaces enabling extreme pressure additives to perform as barriers against wear, rather than being displaced by high velocity air, which is often mixed with water. A major advantage of Liquid Shield lubricants is that they are not displaced by water. See our Polar oil on the left compared to conventional oil on the right.

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