Liquid Solutions Background

Liquid Solutions Inc. was established in 1998 to address the  product requirements of the minimum quantity lubrication market. Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), or near dry machining has been in place in Europe for decades. European manufacturers were motivated to seek superior machining alternatives to conventional machining practices to alleviate the high cost of coolant acquisition, maintenance and disposal, which have been estimated to comprise up to 20% of production costs in machining operations.

Additionally, it was discovered that significant increases in tool life, surface finish and productivity could be realized utilizing MQL.

We have adapted the specialized fluids used to manufacture MQL products to a patented line of compressed air lubricants for the mining industry. These airline lubricants have been shown to increase air motor life by as much as 300% in mechanical raises, have greatly reduced oil fog generation, and have alleviated freeze up problems associated with the operation of compressed air tools in humid conditions. 


Keith Klayh

President Liquid Solutions Inc.