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Improved finishes and tool wear

Quality MQL Lubricants

Made in Canada Over 90% of our MQL lubricant production is made with renewable resources from Canadian sources. This enables us to provide the best quality lubricants  at very competitive prices.

Built up Edge

Our lubricants greatly  reduce built up edge on tools, especially with aluminum and stainless steel.

Notch Wear

Liquid Shield lubricants help to prevent the rewelding of chips on the tool, especially with stainless steel.

Thermal Cracks

Using coolants on some operations such as milling can cause extreme temperature fluctuations on the surface of the insert, which causes the insert surface to crack.

Thermal Breakdown

Conventional lubricants tend to break down at much lower temperatures than MQL lubricants, and then form abrasive carbon particles that ruin finishes.

Typical applications

     No coolant mess

MQL lubes are used at extremely small dosage rates, and usually do not require post machining cleaning. Also, rancid coolant odors are eliminated, as are disposal costs.

 Dry chips - good finishes

Dry chips are easy to handle and are worth a lot more when sold for recycling.

       Extended blade Life

The polar film provided by MQL lubes are much more durable than conventional oils. Built up edge and rewelding are greatly reduced.

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Special Offer

If you are interested in testing MQL for your metalworking jobs, we have loaner test equipment and fluids at no charge.

About Us

We have been blending and packaging MQL lubricants since 1998. Our products are environmentally friendly and worker safe. They are readily biodegradable, and worker friendly. Our main focus has been on ductile metals, like aluminum and stainless steel, along with copper sawing. Our facilities include blending in small batches for specialized applications. In house color label printing allows us to produce GHS compliant finished materials that are made to resist water degradation.

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Phone: (905) 510-2443
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Email: vince@rockdrilloils.ca

Our Products  are Sold as private label only


Clean cutting of aluminum and stainless steel


For difficult and abrasive metals such as copper.

4 / 8 /20 Litre

Standard packaging in poly jugs and pails, with tamper evident seals. We use GHS compliant vinyl labels.

Drums and totes

Available in 205 litre drums as well as 1000 litre poly tote tanks.

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